This is How the Bakersfield Bail Bondsman Can Help You

We are a bail bondsman in Bakersfield that offers our services to individuals who may be detained upon a criminal charge – those who are allowed to post bail, but who cannot do so because they cannot afford it.

The U.S. Constitution in the Eighth Amendment prohibits “excessive bail.” But the definition of what is “excessive” changes depending upon each person’s circumstances. What is excessive for most of us would not be so for those who are financially better off. And judges also take other variables into consideration when setting the bail amount: one’s flight risk, and the kind of danger one may pose to the community.

The Bakersfield bail bondsman seeks to offer criminal defendants greater equality before the courts by serving as surety for its clients and helping to secure their release regardless of their financial capacity or incapacity. Through our services, anybody can prepare more carefully and comprehensively for their upcoming case.

Historically, bail started in medieval England when someone in the community acted as a guarantor or surety for a criminal defendant, and in so doing securing the defendant’s release. This guaranty is based on the guarantor’s economic and social standing in the community.

These days, a guarantor can still act as surety for the defendant, but this is based mainly on their financial capacity rather than social standing. With modern developments and our modern lifestyle, high economic and social standing is reserved only for the very few. But this should not preclude anybody with sufficient funds and the proper interest to act as guarantor for a defendant, whether that person is their family or friend.

But not all defendants know somebody who has the financial capacity to act as guarantor, and certainly not all defendants can afford the total amount of their bail. Their remaining recourse is to hire the services of a bail bondsman to act as their surety in consideration for a fee. In more recent years, professional bail bonds agencies have become a trusted business and an integral part of the legal system.

Defendants can hire the services of a bail bondsman by paying a non-refundable fee – which is usually set at ten percent of the total bail amount. In exchange, the bail bondsman such, as the Bakersfield bail bonds agency, will act as the defendant’s surety. They will put up a surety bond on behalf of the defendant to answer for the total bail amount, and if considered acceptable by the courts, will help secure the release of the defendant from jail.